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Monday, June 30, 2008

FOI At Work: The Data Diva Checks Out Those Dates...

OK, full disclosure: Jaimi is a recovering student of mine, and one of my all-time faves....

In her latest column, she puts the dating pool on notice.

For many, the dating process involves varied pre-date rituals. Some women buy new clothes. Others have intense beauty regimens. Many feel the need to talk about their jitters. Not me.

I hit the computer and search like crazy, digging up all the dirt I can find. With each keystroke the secrets unfold. They’re no match for me.

My reconnaissance mission prepares me for that moment in the date, if things are going well, when he feels comfortable enough to discuss some of his baggage. “I have something to tell you,” is usually how it starts. Before he finishes the thought I’m already wondering if it’s going to be his recent divorce, that lawsuit with the city, or his (actual) age.

Read the rest of this delightful (and informative) column here.

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