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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How To Make A $155 Video...

Ah, the games we play...

She knew copies of public records weren't handed out free of charge, but Overland resident Courtney Cerulo didn't expect the fee that would be attached to a videodisc of a City Council session.

Cerulo would have to pay $155 for the recording, which she wanted in hopes of bolstering her complaint that Ward 1 Councilwoman Eedie Cuminale is serving on the council even though she lacks an occupancy permit.

"I was shocked," Cerulo said.City Administrator Jason McConachie said the fee reflects the cost of producing a copy of the video, which Charter Communications provides the city.

"Charter makes the tape and provides a copy of the tape to the city," he said. "At that point, it becomes a public record."

He said the city is allowed by state law to recoup its costs of providing public records. He confirmed the price quotes to Cerulo, explaining there is a $35-an-hour charge (at a minimum of three hours) for duplicating a copy of a council broadcast and a cost of $25 (each way, for a total of $50) to pay a courier to take the tape from City Hall to a contractor to duplicate it and the return trip back to City Hall.

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