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Friday, March 13, 2009

E-mails reveal Pelosi staffers impatient about aircraft

FOI at Work!
E-mails obtained through an FOIA request indicate no illegal actions but impatience about the type of aircraft available to Nancy Pelosi, Politico.com reported. The report created by Judicial Watch, which filed the request, also says Pelosi and her staff "frequently made demands on Air Force personnel and often canceled on short notice, costing the military an unspecified amount." Pelosi's spokesperson said the Department of Defense dictates the type and availability of aircraft.
The good-government group Judicial Watch has released a batch of unflattering e-mails, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, that show staffers for Nancy Pelosi kvetching about access to official aircraft.

The group, which has investigated politicians from both parties in recent years, isn’t alleging illegality — just petulance.

Pelosi’s office is pushing back, saying the type of plane she uses is dictated by the demands of a transcontinental flight — and the House sergeant-at-arms’ security concerns associated with refueling a smaller plane.
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