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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birth Dates Battle at the Texas Supreme Court

The Texas Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding whether the birth dates of approximately 145,000 state workers are public records. The case stems from a 2005 request from The Dallas Morning News for an updated state payroll database. The Texas Comptroller refused to provide the birth dates for the state workers, arguing the release of birth dates could lead to identity theft. Open records advocates note that such information is available from other public records, including voter registration polls.

The case is Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts vs. Attorney General of Texas and The Dallas Morning News. For more information, click here.

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Margarett Linkon said...

I find no clue why we are so orthodox in terms of providing records. In our fast moving life it would be quite impossible to spent more time and labor in aspect of collection of vital records despite of the fact that it could be easily available in the websites. I think the Texas Comptroller definitely will think again and understand it. Please visit my favorite site http://www.birthrecordsearch.us and one can definitely find true records and be assured that these records are being preserved for our future generation.