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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Give us a hand...unmask a senator!

You know that part in Nacho Libre when Nacho has his mask ripped off....what? You haven't seen Nacho Libre? What's keeping ya?

If you HAD, you would know what the Sunlight Foundation is about to do to some unwitting U.S. Senator....

Yet again an anonymous Senator has placed what is known in the Senate as an "anonymous hold" on legislation that would increase transparency (I know, the irony is killing me...). You may recall this same stunt last year....anyway, this time a secret hold has been placed on a bill, S. 223, that would mandate that Senators file their campaign finance reports electronically. This process would not only make these reports more readily available to the public but would also save money and resources.

Secret holds are in such disrepute that earlier this year the Senate itself banned the practice, although the bill containing that provision has yet to become law. But until secret holds are banished forever, we need your help in exposing the culprit who is blocking consideration of the electronic filing requirement for Senate campaign finance reports.

We need your help to find out who placed this secret hold! Call your Senators and ask them if they are the one with the secret hold on S. 223. Then report back to the Sunlight Foundation's website. They have a list of Senators, organized by state, and their contact info. If a Senator issues a denial they will indicate that next to their name....SO DON'T CALL IF THEY ALREADY ARE ON THE LIST AS NO......

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