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Friday, May 25, 2007

New Book on Government Secrecy....

The inestimable Ted Gup has a new book coming out...and it's on secrecy! Ted, a longtime friend to many of us in the FOI community, a former staff writer for the Washington Post and Time magazine, is the author of Nation of Secrets: The Threat To Democracy And The American Way Of Life, (Doubleday, June 2007)

The blurbs are fabulous:

"Nation of Secrets is an eye-opening and very important book. Ted Gup provides many new illustrations of the excesses of governmental and corporate secrecy�but he also does something even more significant. He connects hundreds of items from the news of recent years into a pattern that shows how unbalanced America's approach to secrecy has become. I thought I was familiar with the issues Ted Gup addresses, but I learned something from every chapter of this book."
--James Fallows, correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly

"A generation ago, 'the public's right to know' was a U.S. media cliché, but today's silence is deafening. Nation of Secrets explains why."
--Kevin Phillips, New York Times bestselling author of American Theocracy

"Nation of Secrets brilliantly illuminates the landscape of secrecy in which we live. In a perceptive account illustrated with vivid case studies, Ted Gup shows how secrecy is corrupting our institutions and squandering our democratic heritage. Before the tide of secrecy overwhelms the tools of self-government, this gripping book may prompt readers to ask: Is a nation of secrets what we really want to become?"
--Steven Aftergood, Project on Government Secrecy, Federation of American Scientists

From much more, see http://www.nationofsecrets.com/index.html


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