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Friday, December 07, 2007

GREAT New NY Govt Data Site

From the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin:

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office launched a Web site Wednesday that aims to shed some light on government at work in Albany. Dubbed Project Sunlight, it offers citizens access to data on campaign financing, lobbying, agency contracts, member items, legislation, as well as profit and not-for-profit corporations registered in New York. It's a broad offering of important information conveniently linked on one site.

For example, if you were searching data connected to a bill, here you can find out its number, name of its sponsor, a summary and who lobbied for it. The information available on your elected representative includes contact information including his/her Web site, counties served, sponsored legislation, campaign contributions, member items and contracts.

Information on member items can also be accessed by clicking on your county within a map of New York. A window pops up telling how many member items have been awarded this year. This format is great, because with a gentle scroll across the screen, you can see where the majority of tax dollars tapped for member items are showing up. Quite informative, indeed...

Check it out here.

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