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Saturday, April 26, 2008

No WONDER They Tried To Keep the Lid On...

Want a GREAT example of why access to records matters? Check out this beauty from Utah...

Pressed for details about bonuses given to Sandy employees in 2004, City Administrator Byron Jorgenson refused.
Bonuses, he and other city officials argued, were a valuable tool for rewarding workers, but best kept secret to avoid creating bad feelings among those who received the extra cash and those who didn't.
But an analysis of Sandy's pay records - finally made public last month under court order - reveals a decades-old system that disproportionately benefits the city's highest-paid employees, including the mayor, administrators, department heads and their top aides.
And Jogenson is the biggest winner of all. In the past five years, he has pocketed $50,500 in bonus pay.

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theszak said...

In Massachusetts, Boston is a good example of a bad example, see