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Friday, August 21, 2009

Idaho organization launches salary database

The Idaho Freedom Foundation created a database on OurIdaho.com in which people can search for the names and salaries of government employees, KTVB.com reported. The IFF obtained the data via FOIA requests, and its database contains nearly 40,000 employees.
Want to know how much money your child's teacher makes? How about the police officer who pulled you over last night?

Now you can.

A group that bills itself as a think tank dedicated to limited government has launched a salary database, that allows anyone to look up the names and pay rates for a range of government employees.
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Peter Boucher said...

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has done a great work. This is quite amazing to know that we can have a database of 40000 employees. Its availability makes our way to check background of any of the 40000 employee’s salary data easily. If any one of your employee try to camouflage his/her true character then you simply just check his/her back ground from the site.