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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Michigan Refuses to Detail H1N1 Spending, Citing Anti-Terrorism Laws

Charitably, it's creative lawyering. But really the Michigan Department of Community Health's refusal to identify organizations receiving much of the $42 million in federal funding t to battle H1N1 based on anti-terrorism laws is just a convenient excuse that leaves the government without any accountability for its spending.

The state denied the The Michigan Messenger's request for information showing the recipients of more than $1.5 million in gloves, masks and other medical equipment and for information showing what a $25,000 payment to the Michigan Civilian Air Patrol was used for, and why an exercise conducted by the state cost nearly $50,000. The media group also wanted answers to where an unaccounted for $500,000 from the $1.5 million "state wide media campaign" budget went as well as where $145,000 in payouts to volunteers went.

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