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Monday, January 14, 2008

An Exemption Attempt Worth Watching

From Virginia comes the latest in exemptions. This passed in a couple of states last year, and while it can be OK, watch the details like a hawk!

At the request of the University of Virginia, two state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow the university to keep private the identities of donors who wish to stay anonymous.

The bill - sponsored by Sen. Edward Houck, R-Spotsylvania, and Del. Glenn Oder, R-Newport News - would grant Virginia’s higher education institutions an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act to withhold a vast amount of personal information about their donors.

UVa officials say they need to protect the privacy of donors. Open government advocates, on the other hand, point out that UVa is a public institution and argue that its finances must be transparent to ensure accountability.

More here.

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