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Monday, January 21, 2008

S.D. Bill Would Create Mediation Program...

Gaining access to government records in South Dakota can be a hassle at times, and disputes over what is public and what is off-limits are not unusual.

Legislation designed to settle those arguments before they end up in court has been introduced by state Rep. Tim Rave, R-Baltic, and state Sen. Tom Dempster, R-Sioux Falls.

Rave said HB1246 would allow the state Office of Hearing Examiners to settle disputes over public records that could otherwise wind up in a stalemate.

"There has to be someplace to go when those disputes come up," Rave said. "At least the two parties can walk away with a resolution. It's either they walk away with what they wanted or at least somebody made a ruling on it. It would get rid of the ambiguity that we have now."

HB1246 would set up both informal and formal processes to request records from the state, cities, counties, school boards and townships. Records of the state court system and Public Utilities Commission would be exempt, however.

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