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Monday, September 29, 2008

More word of officials using personal e-mail accounts

The technology is there but some officials are not up to speed -- or don't want to be up to speed. While government officials are provided with official e-mail accounts, many continue to use their personal accounts, making it harder to obtain e-mails through FOIA requests.

Douglas White wanted to exercise his right as a citizen to see some public records. What he found is that some Blacksburg town officials, like many others in the New River Valley, tread a fine line between open government and secrecy.

White lives just outside the Blacksburg town limits, close to a proposed workforce housing project along Harding Road. He and many of his neighbors do not like the project for a host of reasons.

The project's prospects do not look particularly promising right now, what with all the thumb twiddling the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors has been doing in secret meetings. That will not stop White and his neighbors from keeping up the fight until it dies officially.

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