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Thursday, January 29, 2009

So much for transparency in the Nev. governor's office

Not only was the Reno Gazette-Journal denied e-mail records it requested from Gov. Jim Gibbons, it was also told it would have to take the government's word for it that the records are confidential. The newspaper's request for an itemized list of the e-mails was turned down.
A judge on Wednesday denied the bulk of a Reno Gazette-Journal lawsuit seeking access to Gov. Jim Gibbons' e-mail records, holding that most of the correspondence is confidential under Nevada law.

Carson City District Judge Todd Russell also denied the newspaper's request for an itemized list of the e-mail records so it could independently assess whether the correspondence fell under the state's public records law.

Russell told Gibbons to release six of 104 emails that were reviewed in private by a court master to determine whether they were public. The court master, Dave Nielsen said the rest were personal, of a non-public "transitory nature" or privileged.

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