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Friday, January 09, 2009

So If Closed Investigative Reports Are Public....

...and the police close an investigation, then aren't the records public? Well, seems it depends on your definition of "public," or of your willingness to comply with the law.

The Riverfront Times recounts the saga of scalped World Series tickets:

John Chasnoff has won a small but significant victory in his spat with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department over the World Series ticket scandal.

Chasnoff got word Tuesday that St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Philip Heagney has ordered police to make public the report that initiated investigations into officers' misuse of baseball tickets seized from scalpers during the 2006 baseball championship.

"I'm happy with this first step and optimistic about the next one," says Chasnoff, a St. Louis County resident (the RFT's Best Gadfly in 2008), who filed his lawsuit against the department last year.

Seems sunshine won a round, but many more to go here...

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