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Friday, July 03, 2009

Missouri becoming more proactive in FOIA

In addition to the educational efforts of the newly formed Missouri Sunshine Coalition, the state's attorney general, Chris Koster has contacted all 114 counties to discuss the Sunshine Law, Kim Wrinkle of The News-Leader reported. "We have truly needed less apathy and more action towards those in power who have abused the Sunshine Law or simply ignored it," she wrote. "With the help of the Missouri Sunshine Coalition and the Attorney General's office, I hope that Missouri can become much more proactive with holding our elected officials accountable for their actions."
If we polled 100 people walking down any street in southwest Missouri, my guess would be that 75 of them would have no idea what the Sunshine Law is about or that it even exists.

Missouri has been given a great opportunity by a group of people who know the importance of open, transparent government and believe that any citizen should have access to public information.

The Missouri Sunshine Coalition was formed this year with the mission of educating Missouri about the Sunshine Law. Members of the coalition believe in a form of government that operates in a free and open environment with access to information and is working to make sure the citizens of our state can get such information in a simple way.
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