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Friday, October 02, 2009

Clemson University Chopped Down 118 Acres of Trees; Conservation Groups Want to Know Why

A nature conservation group, Chattooga Conservancy, sent a FOI request to Clemson University on July 15 seeking records relating "to the past or future planned sale of timber on any properties owned or held by Clemson University."  According to a report from independentmail.com of Anderson, South Carolina, the University has not yet responded to the request.  Clemson attorneys say the request needs clarification as to the records sought and that the interest in the property "would seem to be beyond the published scope of the Conservancy's missions or goals."  Copies of the records will cost the organization $600.

The request came after Clemson clear cut 118 acres of timber on the Simpson Agricultural Research Farm.  Buzz Williams of the Chattooga Conservancy said the clear cutting included stands of trees 200 years old that protected animals and plants and prevented erosion.  Williams said the University did not properly evaluate the biological diversity of the land before chopping down the forest.  


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