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Monday, February 16, 2009

EPA originally wanted stricter C8 limits

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The EPA wanted to limit C8, a toxic chemical, to 0.2 parts per billion but then agreed to a 0.5 limit, the Charleston Gazette reported. The chemical is used by DuPont's Washington Works plant to make nonstick products, such as Teflon. The Gazette secured EPA memos discussing the 0.2 limit from the lawyers of DuPont plant neighbors. The lawyers received the memo from an FOIA request. Officials say the change was due to a calculation error.
Federal government scientists originally sought a much tougher standard for the toxic chemical C8 than was included in a nationwide health advisory issued last month, according to an internal U.S. Environmental Protection Agency memo.

More than three years ago, EPA staffers proposed that the agency rewrite a deal with DuPont Co. to mandate a C8 limit of 0.2 parts per billion, according to the memo.

"EPA's intent is to seek consent through negotiations with DuPont," the memo said. "However, the order could be issued unilaterally if agreement cannot be reached."

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