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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Texas newspaper says FERPA doesn't exempt test records from FOIA

Beaumont Enterprise, a Texas-based newspaper, has asked courts to order the Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies to release student test scores. The paper had requested reading and math scores of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills through an FOIA. The school argues that FERPA makes these records confidential, even though the scores requested are not tied to individual students.
A Southeast Texas newspaper has been trying to get student test scores from a Port Arthur school for almost a year, and has now asked the courts to step in and order the school to comply with its request.

Hearst Newspapers II LLC, doing business as the Beaumont Enterprise, has petitioned Jefferson County District Court Judge Donald Floyd for a writ of mandamus against Tekoa Academy of Accelerated Studies.

According to the petition filed Jan. 28, the school has not released student scores from the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills which the paper requested under the Public Information Act.
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