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Monday, April 13, 2009

Citizens make greater use of FOIA but face obstacles

Kim Petitt considers herself a watchdog and is a member of the Concerned Citizens of Coconut Creek, the Sun Sentinel reported. She was appalled, however, when her request for the city manager's e-mail records and the city's credit card spending records cost her $170. The Commission of Open Government Reform is recommending the removal of the provision for "special service charges" related to requests that require "extensive use" of resources or personnel.
Kim Petitt, a Coconut Creek resident since 1997, recently had a civic awakening.

Dismayed by a proposed big-box retail development that she thought would hurt her neighborhood and disenchanted with the city's leadership, she decided to start fighting City Hall.

"The City Commission seems more in lock step with what the city manager and developers want, not what the citizens want," said Petitt, 47. "I said, 'Wait a minute, this is my city. I'm going to take it back.'"
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