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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ill. agency issued pay raises despite budget woes

FOI at Work!

The Illinois FOIA wasn't enforced much under former Gov. Blagojevich, so the Northwest Herald's requests for payroll information weren't filled until recently. The records show that despite budget shortages, the Illinois Department of Transportation awarded raises averaging $6,000, which was on top of cost-of-living increases that were awarded to all IDOT employees on Jan. 1.

Should anyone need proof why the Illinois Freedom of Information Act is important, we offer Exhibit A: the exposure of excessive pay raises granted to high-ranking officials in the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Should anyone need proof why strengthening the Illinois Freedom of Information Act is even more important, we offer the identical reason.

IDOT awarded raises that averaged $6,000 to top employees in mid-January – during a worsening recession and unprecedented state budget crisis, no less. The pay hikes were in addition to cost-of-living increases that all IDOT workers received Jan. 1.

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