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Saturday, June 20, 2009

FOIA used to obtain photos of plane without wheel

FOI at Work
WIVB News 4 in Buffalo, N.Y. obtained photos of a Colgan Air plane that lost a tire when landing on May 12 via an FOIA request. The FAA report also indicated that a passenger had notified a flight attendant about smoke coming from the wheel but the cockpit crew wasn't told about the safety concern.
News 4 has obtained exclusive photographs of the Colgan Air plane that lost a tire when it landed in Buffalo on May 12. The photographs were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The photos show the extent of damage to the wheel and brake assembly. A News 4 Investigation recently uncovered new information. An FAA report obtained by News 4 indicates that the cockpit crew had no idea that there was a problem after take-off from New Jersey. A passenger, according to the FAA report, notified a flight attendant that he saw smoke coming from the “wheel” in question.
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