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Friday, June 05, 2009

NFOIC Summit: Wisconsin FOIA roundup

State-by-state updates at the 2009 NFOIC Summit: Christa Westerberg of Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council provided a summary of her state's FOI news.
  • Wisconsin has seen good legal developments because of court cases that clarifies what constitutes good notice and when quasi-government organizations are subject to open meetings and records laws.
  • The state has no consistent retention policy on any records. The attorney general says agencies must have a policy, but it doesn't matter what's in it.
  • Legislators are working on a shield law for reporters' notebooks and sources.
  • We're trying to model Minnesota's policy for police records.
  • The state could use a better fees policy. Fees are now issued at the discretion of the custodian so there's a lot of arbitrariness.
  • The state legislature is allowed to hammer out the budget in some private committees. Two provisions in the proposed budget include: the expungement of certain felon records and the elimination of designating official state newspapers so that required government notices could just go online without being published in print publications.

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State has no consistent policy!!
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